Current Coffee Offerings

Coffee is a language in itself --Jackie Chan
December 15, 2023

Lighter Roasts

Ethiopia Kayon Guji Genet: A light roast that exhibits floral aromas of gardenia and star jasmine blooms. These notes carry over into the cup tempered by fruited hints of pear and white grape all balanced by a syrupy muscovado sugar sweetness.

Kenya Nyeri Rukira AB: Citrus notes will be prominent in this light roast. A citrus rind flavor accentuates an effervescence from notes of grapefruit and spicy orange tea. The cup finishes with subtle red grape and plum notes as it cools. This one has a nice snap to it!

Rwanda Ngororero: This light roast starts with notes of honey, toasted sugar, graham crackers, and Black tea; scents of a bakery pantry hinting at flavors to come. As it cools, expect the subtle brightness of orange and dried cranberries with hints of ginger and clove to come through.

Medium Roasts

Colombia Inza Veredas Vecinas: Prominent notes of caramel corn and butter toffee are complemented by underlying hints of cocoa and brown sugar in this medium-light-bodied coffee. The sweetness in the cup enhances what is already a delicious treat.

El Salvador Finca San Luis (Dry Process): A burnt sugar sweetness underscores the exotic nature of this coffee and provides the base for the dark fruit and winey aspects of the cup. Fruits are very much at the front and are reminiscent of berry liqueurs, ripe pears, plum wine, and honey mead.

Mexico Chiapas San Cristobal: One of our few certified Organic origins, this Chiapas coffee exhibits the cocoa bittersweetness and malted bread notes one comes to expect from coffees in this region. Subtle hints of puffed rice cereal and cinnamon accentuate the molasses cake undertones and provide a deliciously long aftertaste.

Peru Chirinos Cleyder Altamirano: Dark chocolate tones with a hint of smokiness provide plenty of body in this medium-roasted coffee. The flavors are enhanced with stewed fruit top notes not unlike applesauce and complement the brown sugar sweetness present in the cup.

Colombia Buesaco EA Decaf: Your first response will be “This cannot be decaf”. Prevalent notes of caramel and butterscotch that are accentuated by hints of cinnamon pinwheel cookie and traces of faint fruit such as dried apple make this coffee a great addition to your normal coffee routine.

Darker Roasts

Sumatra Honey Process Kerinci Pendekar: A dark chocolate base is prominent in this dark roast with notes of caramelized sugars, coconut palm sugar, barley malt and honey flavors adding to the cup. Slight hints of spices like thyme and mace round out this coffee.

Yemen Mokha Matari: A special coffee (and rare) from Yemen, this dark roast boasts complex flavors of cocoa, fig jam, and rice syrup sweetness with subtle hints of pipe tobacco and pepper cask. An ever-so-slight tartness (like dried goji) rounds out this deliciously dark and decadent Estate Grade* brew.

* Estate Grade pricing may vary.

Coming Soon

As we head into Spring, we will be adding a new Kenyan coffee on the light end, new mid-level roasted coffees from Guatemala and perhaps another Central American coffee or two an then some Indonesian coffees to round out the darker roasts and bring back an earthier coffee. Stay tuned!

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