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Bohemian Moon

“Bohemian” is a culture and lifestyle ideology with a history that was and is still galvanized by artistic, adventuresome, and unconventional souls. This is the inspiration behind DME’s Bohemian Moon, a custom blended fragrance layered with enduring yet modern iconic vibes. 
Top Notes:  Bergamot and Ylang Ylang; Mid-notes: Lavender and Vanilla; Base Notes:  Amber and Sandalwood with a hint of Patchouli.

Budding Moon

The Budding Moon is April’s full moon, the first full moon after the Spring Equinox falling in the sign of Libra. Budding Moon was created as a classic red rose scent symbolizing love, peace, beauty, and lady Libra’s passion for justice.   A warm, vanilla-based rose fragrance perfect for gifting or to light up a cozy romantic night.
Top Notes: Green florals; Mid-notes: Red Rose and Carnation; Base Notes: Warm Sugary Vanilla Bean and Musk.

Cold Moon

December’s Full Moon is called the Cold Moon, a.k.a. the Long Night Moon because it rises during the longest nights of the year near the Winter Solstice.   DME’s Cold Moon fragrance is inspired by the frosty winter moon that shines above the horizon far longer than the seasons’ other full moons. Cold Moon fills the air with a complex crisp minty scent that is deliciously warm and inviting on a cold winter’s night.
Top Notes: Mint  Mid-notes: Woods, Clove  Base Notes: Cedarwood. 

Desert Moon

Our goal with our Desert Moon fragrance was to design a scent that encompassed the essence of Desert Moon Emporium. Sage mixed with jasmine and just a hint of citrus give a fresh, herbal scent. Thoughts of a warm desert, summer night is what comes to mind with this fragrance.
Top Notes: Jasmine, Freesia and Sparkling Citrus; Mid-notes: Silver Sage, Jasmine, Warm Spices; Base-Notes: Patchouli, Amber, Powder

Enchanted Moon

A full midnight moon conjures an image of a charmed, spellbound, magical night in which two lovers dance and swirl under an Enchanted Moon after a late-night rain. DME’s Enchanted Moon is an alluring, bewitching and crisp blend of rain, green florals, musk, dark fruit, citrus, and a reminder that once you find your true love, never let them go.
Top Notes: Green leaves and florals; Mid-notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Neroli and Blood Orange;  Base Notes: Ozonic, Plum, Rasberry, Citrus

Flower Moon

May’s full moon is named for fragrant Spring flowers blooming as the days get longer and warmer and a time when Mother Nature shows the world her colorful wonder.  Inspired by May’s joyous full moon, DME’s Flower Moon is an intense floral scent that is feminine, captivating and romantic. A luxurious, exotic scent created for the most devoted Anthophile (flower-lover).
Top Notes: Gardenia, Green florals, Tuberose; Mid-notes: Orange Blossoms, Bergamot, Jasmine; Base Notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Amber, Cedar

Forest Moon

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein. In homage to lush, green, magical forests and woodlands, Forest Moon is comprised of aromatic herbs, spicy green woods with hints of the cedars, aspens, junipers and foliages that create the divine forces found only in nature. Forest Moon is a clean, spa-like, masculine scent that will energize your senses and freshen your home.
Top Notes: Citrus, Sage; Mid-notes: Green woods, spicy aromatics;  Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, and Cedar

Hunter’s Moon

The Hunter’s Moon is October’s full moon that appears in mid-October and can ascend well into the early November sky.  Hunter’s Moon was named by ancient gatherers who foraged for food under the luminous orange moon in preparation for the upcoming long winter nights. Rising to the East at sunset, the Hunter’s Moon appears larger, brighter and rounder than the other full moons. Sweet, warm, and woodsy, DME’s Hunter’s Moon is a subtle, spicy fragrance that is as mysterious and magical as the round orange moon for which it is named.
Top Notes: Patchouli, Myrrh; Mid-notes: Balsam, Amber and Cloves; Base Notes: Sandalwood, Arabian Musk

Lavender Moon

“Always throw split salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck and fall in love whenever you can” – from the movie Practical Magic. Cherished by people since ancient times, from Medieval times to Victorian times to the present, lavender is prized for its unmistakable, luxurious scent. Symbolizing elegance, peace, grace and serenity, lavender has been prized throughout the centuries as one of the world’s most beautiful scents. Thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac in olden times, recent studies have confirmed that lavender may indeed be an irresistible love herb. A harmonious blend of green stems, lavender and cardamon for warmth, DME’s  Lavender scent is perfect to celebrate the Summer Solstice and light up a warm summer’s night.
Top Notes: Rose stems, Ivy, Hyacinth; Mid-notes: Lavender, Citrus; Base Notes: Cardamon


Inspired by Moon Goddesses of long ago who represent perfection,  purity and clarity, the chandler behind DME’s Moon Beam, formulated, tested and reformulated and retested her secret fragrance formula until she was able to create the purest, truest Vanilla scent.  Like a shimmering ray of light that reaches the earth from the moon, this exquisite and flawless Vanilla fragrance will please and delight the most discerning Vanilla Moon lover. 
Top Notes: Vanilla Mid-notes: Coconut Base Notes: Creamy Vanilla and Tonka Bean

Pink Moon

The Pink Moon is April’s full moon named for the first blooms of the pink wildflowers that carpet the ground in the Eastern United States. The Pink Moon symbolizes freshness and newness which is captured in DME’s Pink Moon fragrance. Close your eyes as you take a whiff of DME’s Pink Moon to be transported to a whimsical flower shop surrounded by a lovely mix of aromas. The first scent to fill your senses is the familiar smell of fresh-cut dewy greens, followed by Carnations, Roses, Freesia and Peonies.
Top Notes:  Peony Blossoms Mid-notes:  Fresh Greens and Summer herbs Base Notes: Woodsy, Sweet Musk

Sisters of the Moon

DME’s signature, first custom blended fragrance created and inspired by the chandler’s strong, independent and free-spirited female friends and family members who share an eternal bond as sisters. Sisters of the Moon is reminiscent of a fine, vintage Patchouli perfume tempered with warm spices and a composite blend of chandler mystery that makes it alluring and sultry.
Top Notes: Patchouli, Cinnamon, Lilies; Mid-notes: Clove, Balsam, Amber; Base Notes: Cedarwood, Vetiver, Musk

Strawberry Moon

The Strawberry Moon rises in June and is the last full moon of Spring and the first full moon of Summer. June’s full moon is the most colorful moon of the year as it takes a low shallow path across the summer night sky, coinciding with the summer solstice. Strawberry Moon was named by indigenous people of colonial times who picked and gathered June’s ripened wild strawberries. Unlike other strawberry scents, DME’s custom-blended Strawberry Moon does not smell artificial or overpoweringly sweet. The first whiff of DME’s Strawberry Moon is soft with a delicate hint of freshly ripened strawberries followed by fresh grass and a woodsy musk.
Top Notes: Strawberry, Peach  Mid-notes: Fresh Grass, Hay Base Notes: Woody Musk and Amber

Sugar Moon

The Sugar Moon is March’s full moon and the last full moon before Spring, a time of new beginnings.  Also known as Sap Moon because Maple trees begin to ooze the maple that is tapped and turned into Maple Syrup. Sugar Moon also gets its name from the last winter snows that sprinkle the land and trees like fine powdery sugar. DME’s Sugar Moon fragrance is true to its name; a delicious, warm sugary vanilla with hints of almond and chestnuts.
Top Notes: Vanilla, Chestnuts, Brown Sugar; Mid-Notes: Caramel, Maple; Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Nutmeg, Almond

Gold and Purple Desert Moon