We are literally counting the days to my favorite time of year, Fall (and for some of you “Autumn”). I don’t care what you call it, but I could live my life in between September and October and never miss any of the other seasons. Well, that’s not entirely true. I like November and December okay, but I really love Fall.  We have been working hard to get the store open in time for September’s Full Moon, the “Harvest Moon” but everything now depends on what goes on with a city inspection.  Hoping that is not going to present any issues for us. DME’s Special Edition Fall Candles and Wax Melts will be available even if the store isn’t open yet and I will let everyone know what markets we will be attending should there be any hold-ups with our grand opening.    This year’s Fall Fragrance Profiles are:

Autumn Moon – Fresh Floral/Apple/Citrus/Tonka Bean – I love this candle it’s my favorite fall candle and wax melt scent specially created by my partner and sister.

Candy Apple – Fresh Crisp Apples with a hint of Red-Hot Cinnamon Candies. My third favorite fall candle and wax melt scent.  You’ll love both Autumn Moon and Candy Apple if you like crisp Macintosh apple scents.

Caramel Apple – Apples/Caramel/Brown Sugar and Vanilla. In second place for me as my fav fall candle is our Caramel Apple candle and wax melt scent. I want to take a bite out of this candle, it is delish so please watch your kids and maybe even your husband (if he is anything like mine) if you buy our Caramel Apple Wax Melts!  Don’t blame us if anyone tries to take a bite, you have been warned, LOL.

Harvest Moon – Cedar/Spiced Fruit/Pine/Sandalwood. This was one of our top sellers last year. The cedar and pine are very prominent, and a fall and winter favorite for many of our customers.

Honeycrisp Moonshine – Honey/Maple/Bourbon/Spiced Apples. Yum spiced apples and honey but mostly honey with a hint of maple bourbon. This was also a top seller last winter. Look for more Moonshine scents, we are working on a couple of ideas. Hint – does anyone love Fireball Cinnamon Whisky…

Pumpkin Marshmallow Moonpie – Pumpkin/Pumpkin Spices/Vanilla/Toasted Marshmallow. Sugar and spice and everything nice with a whole lot of pumpkin. Just like our Caramel Apple, you may want to keep an eye on people. Don’t eat the wax melts!

Also in testing is a nice clean Eucalyptus scent to add to our collection. Many customers have asked us for Eucalyptus, and I think my sister has finally perfected one she is happy with, so I’ll post on that as soon as we pour candles and melts with our custom-made Eucalyptus scent.

Our regular Full Moon end of the year candles will also be out in the next couple of weeks. Those include, Cold Moon, Forest Moon, Frost Moon, Hunter’s Moon, and Sisters of the Moon,

Check-out all of our fragrance profiles at the Fragrance Profile Blog at https://desertmoonemporium.com.  And, we can custom make a candle for you just email us at dmesales@desertmoonemporium.com

Gold and Purple Desert Moon